Do Dental Implants Need to Be Replaced?

When you are missing one or more of your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable and insecure about the way that you look. One of the best ways to revive and restore your smile is with implants. Implants are the new technology that is advancing the way that people smile. Rather than wear a bridge or a partial denture, implants work on their own to replace the upper and lower portion of the tooth that is missing.


What are Dental Implants?

Implants are most often made of titanium, so they are safe to be used in the human body. Over time, the implant will fuse with the surrounding bone. This allows it to become a part of your smile. The implant can then be the anchor or abutment for crowns, bridges and full dentures that you want to have in order to restore your new smile. Implant surgery is easy and quick, and most people are good candidates to have it done.


What Are Dental Implants
Why Are Root Canals Needed

Do They Need to Be Replaced Over Time?

The majority of implants can last for decades without showing signs of any type of wear. Keep in mind that implants are made of titanium, which is a metal that has been used in surgical procedures for years. Titanium can withstand a great deal of force and pressure, so you won’t have to worry about the implant breaking or cracking. Likewise, once the implant has been given time to heal and fuse with the surrounding bone, it becomes a part of your body and cannot be removed unless absolutely necessary. There are only a few things that could cause the implant to need replacement over time and these include:

• Severe bone loss
• Infections
• Facial and oral trauma

How to Care for Your Implants

The best way to keep up with your dental implants is with regular dental hygiene and routine trips to the dental office. This enables us to keep track of the health of your implant as well as to remove any tartar and buildup from the teeth around it. By preventing gum disease as well as preventing infections and abscesses, you are looking at a relatively permanent implant that can last you for the rest of your life and provide you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

If you would like to come into our office to learn more about implants, call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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