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Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

A root canal is a restorative procedure that involves removing the pulp from inside of a compromised or damaged tooth. The most common reason for needing a root canal is because decay has been allowed to reach the inner pulp, which is more commonly referred to as the nerve. If this pulp has become exposed through a crack or break in the tooth, it will similarly need to be removed via a root canal.

Why are Root Canals needed?

When decay has been allowed to reach the inner pulp of a tooth or when the pulp becomes exposed through a crack or a break in the tooth, the result is severe pain and sensitivity. If left untreated, this can eventually result in an infection or an abscess. This is another reason why it is important that you become proactive about your dental care. A simple cavity can be filled, but it will need a root canal if the decay gets too far down into the tooth.

What Are Root Canals
Why Are Root Canals Needed

Who is a good candidate for Root Canals?

The majority of patients who need a root canal can safely have the procedure done in our office. In order to determine if a root canal is needed, we will perform an examination as well as take dental x-rays to find tooth decay that could be infiltrating the pulp. It is recommended that if you need a root canal, you have the procedure done as soon as possible to prevent further problems from happening. The root canal procedure is done quickly and comfortably in our office at your own convenience.

What happens during a Root Canal?

The root canal procedure will typically begin with a local anesthetic administered to the area receiving treatment. We will then place a rubber dental dam around the tooth to prevent any saliva or bacteria from getting into it while it is being treated. The decay is removed from the tooth and the pulp is taken out using specialized tools. The thin canals of the roots are then cleaned to remove any remaining pulp. They are then filled with a medicated material and the tooth is closed with a typical filling. You are then ready to head home without the pain and sensitivity that you have been experiencing.

If you suspect that you may need a root canal, call our office today to speak to one of our professional staff members.