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Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Professional whitening is a great way to transform your smile and eliminate stains and discoloration. Your teeth can become severely stained over time and because of certain lifestyle habits. Rather than hide your smile away, whitening can reveal the brilliant teeth you’ve always wanted to have. We offer both in-office as well as a take-home whitening option.

Why is Teeth Whitening needed?

You might be planning a big event or be planning to go to a reunion of some kind. You might just be feeling badly about the way that you look and know that it’s time for a change. It’s not uncommon for patients to come to us after trying store-bought whitening kits that didn’t deliver the results they wanted. Whatever the reason, whitening can remove years worth of stains from your teeth. These stains may be the result of smoking, coffee drinking, wine drinking, soda drinking, medications or even just the act of aging.

What Is Teeth Whitening
Why Is Teeth Whitening Needed

Who is a good candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Most patients are good candidates for whitening. We will examine your teeth to determine if whitening is right for you. You should be aware that even professional whitening will not lighten restorations that you may currently have. These restorations include veneers, crowns, bridges or bonding.

What happens during Teeth Whitening?

For our in-office whitening, you will come into the office and be seated comfortably. A professional gel is applied to the teeth and a bright light is placed over your smile to accelerate results. You will sit for about a half hour until the gel is removed and then a fresh layer reapplied. After an additional 30 minutes, we will remove the gel and you can go home with a brilliantly white smile. For our take-home kits, we will take impressions that are used to make whitening trays. We provide you with a whitening gel that is then placed into these trays while you’re home. We will instruct you on how long and how often to wear these trays.

If you would like to come into the office for professional teeth whitening, call us today so that we can get you in as soon as possible for a consultation.