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Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

We do everything that we possibly can to save and preserve every tooth in your mouth. Unfortunately, there may come a time when a tooth is beyond the point of being saved. This is especially the case for patients who have severely advanced gum disease. Likewise, a tooth extraction can be helpful when it comes to removing one or more teeth that pose a problem to your future oral health, as is the case with most wisdom teeth.

Why is a Tooth Extraction needed?

Extractions are often needed when a tooth is unable to be saved with other treatments. This may occur as a result of severe decay, periodontal disease or even if there has been significant facial trauma. In some instances, our patients prefer to have an extraction done in comparison to other treatments that are available. We may recommend an extraction of a tooth if it poses a risk to your future oral health.

What Is A Tooth Extraction
Why Is A Tooth Extraction Needed

Who is a candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are incredibly simplistic procedures that can be done easily in our office at your own convenience. We will perform an examination to determine if an extraction is needed. We recommend that if you do need to have an extraction done, that you have it done as soon as possible to prevent future problems from developing. Extractions can be done on both pediatric and adult patients on an as-needed basis.

What happens during a Tooth Extraction?

The procedure will begin with either a local anesthetic or general sedation being administered to relax you during treatment. We will then use specialized tools to loosen the tooth and then lift it out of the mouth. Stitches may be required to close the gums and help to promote even, quick healing. You will then be given an important after-care sheet that you will have to follow in order to ensure that the surgical site heals properly. Any pain or swelling that is experienced is temporary, and it should go away within one to two days following surgery.

If you think you may need to have one or more of your teeth extracted, call our office today to schedule a convenient consultation appointment.