Laser Dentistry

At Choice Dental Care, we offer laser dentistry for a variety of smile improvements. Our experienced team uses advanced technology to perform laser dentistry. If you are searching for laser dentistry in the Silver Spring, MD area, call our team today to schedule your consultation!

Types of Laser Dentistry

Gum Disease Treatment

Laser dentistry is used for a variety of reasons including treating gum disease. For gum disease treatment, lasers help to remove and kill bacteria. Compared to other gum disease treatments, laser treatment can help reduce bleeding and gum swelling. In some cases, it can even remove the need for further gum disease treatment including gum surgery.

Removing Tooth Decay & Placing Fillings

For teeth that have decay, laser dentistry can be used for treatment. By removing tooth decay, laser can aid in preserving the natural teeth and restoring health to your smile. Once the decay is removed, laser treatment can be used to place dental fillings to restore the appearance and function of the tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Laser can reveal a brighter smile! For professional teeth whitening, laser is a safe and effective method for turning back the years of staining and discoloration. Laser teeth whitening involves placing gel on the surface of the teeth and then using lasers to heat up the gel, which results in whitening your teeth quickly. Professional teeth whitening can be completed in just one hour!

Meeting All of Your Dental Needs

At Choice Dental Care, you can find everything you need for your smile at one convenient location! We offer a variety of treatments so that you can save time and avoid the need for outside referrals. Laser is one area that offers several dental treatments for improving your oral health. If you are interested in laser treatment, call our team today to schedule your consultation!

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