Traditional Orthodontics

Straightening your smile not only boosts your confidence, but also your oral health! With an aligned smile, your teeth are easier to brush and floss, helping you avoid decay and cavities. At Choice Dental Care, we offer several options for orthodontic treatment in Silver Spring, MD. Whether you are a child, teen or adult, we can evaluate your smile and give our best recommendations for treatment. To schedule a consultation, call our team today! 

Treatment Options in Orthodontics

Our team offers several options for orthodontic care. If you are interested in improving your smile, our team will examine your smile, take impressions of your teeth and perform x-rays. We’ll then answer any questions you may have and show you the best options for treatment. A customized treatment plan can be built around your smile. Some of our orthodontic options include Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. Both options offer fast results and a discreet way to straighten your smile!

Orthodontics for Children, Teens & Adults

At Choice Dental Care, we offer orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. Early treatment can help some children avoid extensive orthodontic care in their teen years. Depending on your child’s smile, we can recommend different options such as spacers for improving their teeth alignment as their teeth develop and grow. Teens and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment as well. No matter your age, our team can examine your smile and provide the best options for working towards a more confident smile!

Quality Orthodontic Care

Our team wants your dental experience to be the absolute best! We strive to put excellence first in everything we do. When it comes to orthodontics, we have helped several patients work towards a more confident smile and we can help you too! Our team can provide the tools to improve your smile and help you each step of the way as you reach your smile goals. The first step you can take is scheduling a consultation with our team to discover the best options for your smile!
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